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NGUZUNGUZU – Icee Hot Promo Mix 2010 (Soundcloud)

Probably the most blissful mix from these weirdos yet, prepared for their headlining one of the monthlies at the top of my “to go” list. Their Truants mix only came out a few weeks ago, which plays sorta like a mixtape for a love interest. This one is a living, breathing beast that swallowed up a bedroom studio and has the hiccups. Last time it was a duck. If your anywhere near the Bay Area don’t miss this.


1. NGUZUNGUZU – Mirage
2. Karizma – Beat Dis
3. NGUZUNGUZU – Spittin’n Riddim
4. NGUZUNGUZU – Hoy 5-5-2012
5. N10-tainment feat. Ruth – I Pray
6. NGUZUNGUZU – N$E$E$T Riddim
7. DJ Pateco / NGUZUNGUZU – BT(2009) vs Unfold2010
8. Dj Cratera – Rei do Kuduro
9. Dj Nays feat Dj Vielo – Vina

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2 Responses to Quack House

  1. iceehotsf says:

    Icee Hot is actually a monthly, but you’re welcome to come through any time!

  2. davequam says:

    Oops! fixing that….

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