And the Kassav Song Was on Part 2

Twin of Twins ft Ce’cile – Which Dudus (DJ Popo Ghetto Zouk Remix)

GR Family – Festa Na Zona (DJ Popo Ghetto Zouk Remix)

DJ Popo is a young producer part of the large community of Cape Verdeans living in the Boston area who’s Miley Cyrus meets gun shots remix grabbed my attention a few months ago. Since then we have been trading music and talking shop about all things zouk, kizomba, funana, American pop and so on. When I originally heard Power D’s Ghetto Zouk compilations I was expecting something a bit more along these lines, which Popo claims has never been done before. At my request he even made a remix of the remix of Twin of Twin & Ce’cile’s song about Jamaican drug kingpin Christopher “Dudus” Coke, which makes a little more sense after all. Basically beefing up the context and turning full circle, putting back the griminess that was the original, tween sensation still partly intact. Metallic clanks and explosions are here to stay.

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2 Responses to And the Kassav Song Was on Part 2

  1. rizzla says:

    leave it to Dave to find somebody amazing in MY CITY that i didn’t know about. so good

  2. andrew says:

    which dudus has been on repeat for the past few hours

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