That Dudus

Israel Vibration – Weep and Mourn (from Same Song 1978)

I realize now that my timing was terrible on posting Which Dudus yesterday, and the fact that gun shots are added make it even less tasteful. The original song by Twin of Twins was a social commentary on the notorious drug lord aka The President and his relationship with the residents of Kingston’s Tivoli Gardens slum:

Which Dudus dem a talk?/ A Couldn’t di president/ The man set the order downtown/ so how all of a sudden government a come frown/ Like dem tek Garden man dem fi clown/ A wonder if dem know what kind of don dem a talk?/ A nuh Don Corleon or Leroy Smart.”

Think a road dem ago block when the thing start/ From dem seh prezzy might as well dem seh coffin/ It look like dem waan overcrowd down a Madden/ A how dem a look fi Dudus and dem caan find Bin Laden.”

When I first heard the Miley Cyrus remix of this powerful song I was drawn towards the act of taking this spoiled white teen’s tale of feeling uncomfortable at an uppity party and making it a really catchy song about Prezzy and his Robin Hood status to some Caribbeans, complete with Ce’cile’s iPhone reference. Same idea that attracted me to DJ Popo raining gunshots on Miley’s parade. Together it felt complete, at least in my sick mind but unfortunately I had to share it right when Jamaica got hit hard with violence surrounding Dudus’ extradition. Ce’cile herself regrets doing the song, I don’t regret sharing it but I do apologize for sharing it when I did, though it really wouldn’t change much. It remains the twisted track it is and it’s not going away, and I don’t mean anything negative towards DJ Popo playing with sound libraries (in fact he sent me his remix months ago, and I kind of put him up to it!) or anything positive towards Christopher Coke. My sympathies go out to the residents of Kingston and to mourn the situation as best I can I’ve provided a bit of an overlooked dub classic. OOPS.

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2 Responses to That Dudus

  1. Big Ed Dunkel says:

    It’s “Weep & Mourn” — not “Morn”.

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