Subliminal House and The Chipmunks That Changed the World

Ron Hardy just keeps popping up in my world lately. Whether it be his influence on all things chipmunk soul a la Kayne’s mentor and the father of footwork, to my constant re-reads of the house chapter from Last Night a DJ Saved My Life. He’s everywhere, I have dreams that I’m back in the time when movies were only filmed at night in Chicago, sneaking into the sweaty Music Box where some guy is playing records way too fast and backwards, the future Dance Mania roster sweating the shit out of dudes techniques while the rest of the party just sweats. Many now in their late 30s and early 40s recount stories of that same situation, sometimes being the stray straight dude in the house there to see pretty much the best DJ in the city of that era. No I.D. was one of them, as pointed out by Noz a while back, and he no doubt influenced more than just house music to come. He was known for pioneering tons of mixing techniques while competing with his colleague (and sort of enemy) Frankie Knuckles, like the above method of mounting a turntable headshell upside down to mix records backwards. Egyptian Lover was doing it it with Planet Rock around the same time, Hardy being a different kind of freak chose Arthur Russell. Some fucking weird kid in Portugal still does it too.

Chacha Di Charmi – Dinhero (Normal Nada Backwards Remix)

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1 Response to Subliminal House and The Chipmunks That Changed the World

  1. paul j. says:

    classic track!

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