Future Bubbling

Boomnoise – Bubblin’ Ustream Mix (Soundcloud Link)

I really don’t want to take part in making up stupid genre names unless they are funny ones (free bass, ghetto apartment, halfway house…) but future bubbling pretty much describes what these young kids in the Netherlands are doing. While Chuckie and the other famous guys ran with house music’s accessibility and play much bigger parties, these kids are keeping the tambu break alive in a strange grime hybrid ship that is some of the best internet music to me right now. Though not completely only in the digital realm, as guys like Shaun D, Master D, De Schuurman, and DJ Daycard play often and are even well known according the boss man Munchi. Confusion happens when you do all your research/digging on social networking sites, like thinking DJ Nate is some kind of ambassador of footwork when he’s 10 times more known in the city for a little R&B joint he did. Youtube lied to you, but luckily you can still reach out to those far away when your feeling more than voyeuristic for some answers.

I missed Boom Noise‘s Ustream from the other day, but he was nice enough to record it for us and share a great selection of tracks from this realm of music. Dig into it and if your hungry for more I’ve shared plenty of these joints under the bubbling tag.

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