Grant Money Pimping: Jamaican Maroon Duppy Songs

Moore Town Maroons (Tambu) – Hear When De Duppy Bawl

Scott’s Hall Maroons (Mandinga) – Oh Duppy

Two gems from a pretty interesting Folkways disc. These were recorded after plenty of Jamaican pop songs referencing these spirits (in 1978), but my lousy guess is that their origins go back a while, and that these are the ‘oldest’ duppy songs on in my possession. The liner notes don’t help much in proving anything and the description of these tracks is along the lines of “natives chanted primitive songs, two of them became possessed with demons during the recording”. Hell a lot of people still write like that in 2010, so I’m not even gonna knock these nerds from 30 years ago. Doing so isn’t going to help the current situation in JA that’s just a bit more serious than music criticism.

While were on the subject, scans of my duppy and jumbie book collection can be seen here.

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