Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Spottie (from Heritage 12″ 2010)

A take on one of my favorite Outkast joints by Phil Cohran’s offspring. One of my first memories of moving to Chicago in 2005 was seeing these guys playing on the street on my way to school. In fact it was the exact same spot downtown that they are busking in the above photo even. I think they have since dipped out to NYC but I ain’t mad at em. I try to keep my head out of my ass unlike most of the jazz community here, and so do they. Give me this over throwbacks to the holy ghosts of the past any day, with no disrespect to Ayler. From their new Heritage EP on Choice Cuts.

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8 Responses to Nu-Brass

  1. Freddy B says:

    yeah, they’re here now. good stuff. got a cdr off of ’em at the union square subway station a while back. didn’t realize they came by way of chicago.

  2. davequam says:

    dude hook me up with that cdr!

    And give em back!

  3. rayyy says:

    outkast rip

  4. nguzunguzu says:

    we used to see these guys playing downtown or by the water tower almost everytime we’d venture that way. chicago favorite

  5. Freddy B says:

    no problem, dave. I’ll rip the disc when I finally get home tonight.

    I mean, assuming I can find it. Recently un-alphebatized all of my cds in an effort to organize them more “intuitively” to facilitate “better listening” or something. Pretty stupid idea in retrospect. Great when I only have a vague idea what I’m in the mood for; terrible when I’m looking for something specific.

  6. kami says:

    saw these guys over here in Oz at Womad. they were the shining light fer me (other than calexico) – played twice and i got to hear em both times – i was working but they played on the stage opposite the tent i was pretending to be busy in. great stuff. bought the vinyl straight after and like a fanboy even got it signed!

  7. paul j. says:

    awww damn, i miss seeing these dudes around chicago.

  8. Behtel Dawit says:

    Would love to run into them in NYC! Great sounds!

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