Shangaan Electro

I’m hooked on Shangaan “kwaito” lately, and I just realized that Honest Jon’s is putting out a compilation of it coming out later this month. For those who haven’t seen the videos, and I’d be surprised if you haven’t given the amount of views on Youtube, (over half a million on many, the main user who shared them has the 58th most viewed channel from South Africa!) this newer electronic form is what the Shangaan people of southern Mozambique and northern South Africa have been making. There had been some attention on disco from this region, but only recently have I heard anything made with drum machines. Absolutely some of the most fascinating music I’ve heard in a minute, and like a lot of my favorite music it comes with great footwork attached to it too. The compilation will be out on the 28th and you can listen to previews of all the tracks here.

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