On the Comeback Tip…

All I can picture is a huge fight breaking out at a rave. Definitely a pretty big surprise.

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12 Responses to On the Comeback Tip…

  1. rizzla says:

    i couldn’t ask for anything more

  2. davequam says:

    me and my friends literally listened to this like 20 times last night, needless to say we got so hyped. The look on my friends face from just nodding his head to his jaw dropping 20 seconds in was priceless.

  3. wit beats like this i see jay’s face from the black album doc; head nodding, face stumped w/ shock, mind on rhymes.

  4. davequam says:

    I heard this dude driving a fuckin semi listening to this so loud last night, I was so psyched. I kept buggin the dj to play this shit last night but he didn’t know what I was talkin about. Fucking amateurs.

    This song makes me want to KILL PEOPLE in a good way

  5. Five says:

    JEEZ. The producer of this track doesn’t let the hats roll NEARLY enough. Hot 1 indeed.

  6. wayneandwax says:

    sounds like they sampled some jumpstyle wtf!!

  7. hideous men says:

    man this shit is fire. when that bass line kicks in, so hard. thank you.

  8. SAMO SB says:

    when jim jones adlibs “spooky!” after that true blood line… so ill !

  9. could do with out jim. #justsayin’

  10. antimatt says:

    makes me want to do 90 down burnside at night with sunglasses on. fuck a traffic signal.

  11. davequam says:

    you know, I’m not the biggest Jim Jones fan (though I don’t pay too close attention to him) but I like him on this. As Samo mentions, “Vampire life, True Blood, Dracula” kills me every time. Not the smartest rap line in the world but it adds to the end of the worldness which is obviously something I love. Also those synths are just insane.

  12. SAMO SB says:

    @thecrookedclef you crazy. how you gonna say you could do without jimmy on a dipset reunion track? that’s just messed up homie

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