Jacuzzi On The Roof

Gucci Mane – Long Money 2010

Gucci Mane – Normal 2010

Gucci is back, and I’ve actually been listening to hip-hop again. Both of these beats are perfect, Long Money is Scarface the movie directed by Jodorowsky with forest flutes, Normal is Gucci back with his adjective raps to a Drummer Boy beat that sounds like a haunted house. I normally don’t feel it my duty to post tracks you will find all over the place but these are too good to ignore.

An excerpt from Normal courtesy of So Many Shrimp (who also have a great critique on “smart dumb shit” regarding Tom Breihan’s recent Pitchfork review of Zone 6):

he pull up in a honda…
that’s normal
i pull up in a zonda
same color lasagna
my goons’ll put you under…
confront us
got guns like super contra…
stay armored
you bought your girl some *ahh ahh*…
don’t want ‘em
my girl got on piranhas
that’s abnormal
my bracelet cost a hunda
that’s abnormal
we’ll rob you where i come from…
that’s a promise
she’s a snake charmer…
real man eat her
like jeffrey dahlmer
i can’t stand people mad cuz
their lives are normal
i got long money, bitch
put it on my momma

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