Acts Have Consequences

Readers familiar with electro-acoustic improv will recognize Joe Foster from his fabulous English duo with Baltimore delay pedal circuit player Bonnie Jones, and might pick out Kevin Parks from this duo’s first effort Ispsi Sibi Somnia Fingunt from last year. These two Seoul-based American ex-pats are some of my absolute favorite players for whom I pay close attention to, and both of which have had heavy influence on the way I think about music in any setting. Act Have Consequences continues the mess that these two started, this time around in double-disc format, yet still sticking with the same self-released, no label philosophy. The music goes straight for the jugular but with such careful decision making, no surprise coming from these two. Solid for almost two whole hours, and some of the best track titles to date. But forget my lack of words, here’s what the critics are saying:

“Parks and Foster appear to think anyone can make music. Their disc, unfortunately, proves otherwise.” –Reggie Jackston, Brown Slacks Quarterly E-Zine

“The cover is lovely. It reminds this author that the U.S. government is doing the American People a grave disservice by forgoing copyright on Library of Congress collections. In this day and age, the government should be charging royalties to get every cent it can. Politics is a mess and Washington needs new blood. Where o where is the brave industrialist willing to think outside the box. I didn’t listen to the music because it isn’t DRM’d or copyrighted, which is dumb.” – Gunilla Ruiz-McGillicuddy, Objectivist Monthly

“Joe Foster and Kevin park is free improvisers d’ America thanks to the connections in Seoul, but these aren’ ? t also interesting then the Korean musicians who sometimes with game, since a lot of also two are not new or attractive. In any case this disk in whole to the computers seems become, and he is obviously a work of the exhaustive composition for the fall and the fall of the government myung-Bak d’ shelters.” – Ekherd Poopjes, Moderne Muziek voor Autistische Huisdieren (electronically translated from Dutch to English)

“All the good parts are me.” – Kevin Parks

Copies of this can be grabbed from Erstdist.

Oh an I’m not just plugging this because I did the inner photo and layout.

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One Response to Acts Have Consequences

  1. paul j. says:

    great job with the layout, looks fantastic!

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