Footwork Q & As Part 1: AG

My homie Neema aka dude off Devon street sent over some Q & As with a handful of some of the cities best dancers for us to enjoy, this first one with AG, former Terror Squad member now part of his own Leaders of the New School crew. I will be posting these once a week for the next month or so to give you some piece of mind from the people doing the actual moving around here.

Name? Aaron King aka AG

What Part of Town? South Side

Footwork Crew You’re With? Leaders of the New School

How long you been Doing Footworking? 15 years

What got you into footworking? Parties

What makes a good footwork routine? Creativity, style, being together, and energy

Who have been the biggest names in the footwork scene to you, be it crews, DJs, dancers, or promoters? The Dungeon, WolfPac, The Tunnel, Panic, House-o-Matics, DJ Clent, DJ Spinn, RP Boo, DJ Rashad, DJ Solo

Who or what has had the greatest influence to footworking culture while you’ve been involved? The passion and the loyalty in the game

What do you see in the future of footworking? Hopefully going mainstream and becoming a national style of dance

Gimme what you think are the 5 most important footwork tracks of all time: RP Boo – Godzilla Track, DJ Clent – 3rd World, DJ Clent – TS, Wolfpac, DJ Rashad – Fukin wit tha Pac, RP Boo – Get Em

5 most important crews of all time? Wolfpac, The Tunnel, The Dungeon, Terra Squad, 2 Cent Mob

5 greatest footworkers of all time: 1.  Ant Brown 2.  Que  3.  Jason  4.  AG 5.  Charles

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