This Old House: Strong Souls

Strong Souls – Do It 1995

My homie Alexis told me I should start a blog called This Old House, and I liked that name so much it is going to be a new series/excuse for me to talk about old house records. Non-ghetto house ect related stuff, though like the above they might share the same labels.

Strong Souls were two guys, Raymond Funnye (Ray-Dilla) and Kamal Sharif (Jazzy-K). I know nothing about them aside the fact they only did one other single for a UK label. I don’t recommend tracking down this 12″ because truth be told, it’s boring as fuck. The smooth jazz equivalent to quirky house music. However, this B-side has this echoed voice exploding into echoed claps that I find pleasing while I’m hanging indoors in front of the AC eating Popsicles. Like if said smooth jazz house was being played underwater. I think it might sound great coming through your neighbors walls, much like Robert Ashley’s avant-garde background music masterpiece Automatic Writing. I don’t know what IT is that they want you to DO, but I hope it’s not dancing. Too passive for that, I’d rather take a cozy nap on a subwoofer. I doubt this will actually convince anybody to listen to this, but it’s some of the best music to ignore in a positive manner that I’ve heard in a minute.

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5 Responses to This Old House: Strong Souls

  1. neema says:

    i have this on 12 inch. it is indeed boring as fuck.

    but this is the most amazing deeon disco house track:

  2. Dave Quam says:

    Yeah Neema that Deeon record kills!

  3. miguel says:

    nice! 1995, this is great. midwest rider music

  4. STRUC says:

    funky as hell, great find – a lot of great b sides can be lurking on generic 12s…

  5. manel says:

    that strong souls one on dance mania is one of the greatest 12” i’ve heard in the last few months.
    that deeon up there is the boring one.


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