Footwork Q & As: Jodi Breeze

1. Name? Jody Breeze “Sonny” Marshall

2. What Part of Town? South Side

3. Crew? Terra Squad

4. How long you been Doin It? 9 years

5. What got you into footworking? Going to Markham skating rink watching others inspired me

6. What makes a good footwork routine? Creativity, neatness, style, energy, and ORIGINALITY!

7. Who have been the biggest names in the footwork scene to you, be it crews, DJs, dancers, or promoters? Wolfpak, Terra Squad, Creation, The Dungeon, The Tunnel, House-o-Matics, Panic, Taliban, DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ Solo, DJ Chip, R.P.Boo, Clent, DJ Roc

8. Who or what has had the greatest influence to footworking culture while you’ve been involved? Watching footwork go on TV, the legends, and seeing how much people love doing it

9. What do you think has changed since you started? People changed how style is with “big moves”, favoritism, and the number of groups grew a lot.

10. What do you see in the future of footworking? More TV time, movies, becoming a national dance, and bigger competitions where people come from all over to battle (routines and regular battles)

11. What are the 5 most important footwork tracks of all time R.P. Boo – Godzilla, DJ Spinn Bounce and Break Yo Back, DJ Rashad – Beatdown Hoe, DJ Rashad – Computer Virus, and DJ Rashad – Good Morning??? (I forgot the original name but people known what I’m talking about)

12. 5 most important crews of all time? Wolfpack, Terra Squad, The Tunnel, The Dungeon, and House-o-Matics.

13. 5 greatest footworkers of all time? Ant Brown, Que, Stevo, Jason, AG

Interview by Neema Nazem

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