DET Only

DJ Godfather & DJ Starski – Let’s Go (from DET-Only 005 12″ 2004)

DJs Godfather, Starski, and Dick put out a handful of white labels a few years ago under a Twilight 76 sub-label of their own, which contained some classic and somewhat hard to obtain ghettotech/jit tracks that are well worth seeking out. Pressed in relatively small editions of only 500 and priced fairly low at $3.75 a pop, these sold out rather quickly. Discogs is a good resource for finding them for cheap if your still into black plastic, which aside from rips is your only option as a good portion of this stuff never made the transition to binary code strangely enough. The press release for Let’s Go states:

“Side A track 1 titled ‘Let’s Go’ brings us a ‘soon to be’ Ghettotech anthem. An extremely catchy piano line with an underlying rhythm followed up by the vocals of the infamous DJ Omega, this track is a club and party banger waiting to happen.”

File under: “Catchy piano lines”.

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