Footwork Q & As: Big Phil

1. Name? Phil “Big Phil”

2. What Part of Town? Westside & South Side

3. Crew You’re With? Terra Squad

4. How long you been Doing It? 13 years

5. What got you into footworking? Hoes, parties, and respect.  In that order

6. What makes a good footwork routine? Creativity, energy, clean basics, uniform order

7. Who have been the biggest names in the footwork scene to you, be it crews, DJs, dancers, or promoters? DJ Spinn, DJ Rashad, Traxman, DJ Boo, DJ Clent, House-o-Matics, Wolf Pac, Terra Squad

8. Who or what has had the greatest influence to footworking culture while you’ve been involved? Mainstream exposure on Youtube, MTV, & BET

9. What do you think has changed since you started? Just the speed of the music and difficulty of the move combinations. Dick riders, weak niggas, bussa hoes, and disloyal niggas come as part of the deal.

10. What do you see in the future of footworking? Being nationally and internationally embraced and respected

11. What you think are the 5 most important footwork tracks of all time? Child Abuse, Baby C’mon, Playa Hata, Put U on 2, Don’t Get Boxed Out, My Block, and 3rd World.

12. 5 most important crews of all time? Wolf Pack, Terra Squad, Tha Tunnel, House-O-Matics, Heat Squad, Up Town

13. 5 greatest footworkers of all time? 1.  Ant Brown 2.  Xavier 3.  Reggie (HS) 4.  AG 5.  Que

Interview by Neema Nazem

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