Footwork Q & As: Supah

1. Name? Supah

2. What Part of Town? South Side

3. Crew? The Tribe

4. How long you been footworking? Been Tryin Since 04, started for real in 08!

5. What got you into footworking? Going to parties.  Youtube videos.  All that..

6. What makes a good footwork routine? A good routine comes from groups dancing to together as one with a power

7. Who have been the biggest names in the footwork scene to you, be it crews, DJs, dancers, or promoters? Ghetto Tekz, Terra Squad, Creation, Havok

8. Who or what has had the greatest influence to footworking culture while you’ve been involved? MUSIC! This is dancing. Music is what moves us as dancers I don’t think much has changed. I haven’t been around long to see THAT much. Music gets different and party spots change. Footworking still seems very underground even with all the shows being done. Soon things will change

9. What do you think are the 5 most important footwork tracks of all time? Eraser-RP, Pop Yo Pussy-Rashad, Bounce-Clent, Feeling you-Spinn, Kemosabe-RP

12. 5 most important crews of all time? Wolfpac, TS, Creation, Taliban(originals), Uptown

13. 5 greatest footworkers of all time? Deryon, AG, Charles, Manny, Tristian

Interview by Neema Nazem

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One Response to Footwork Q & As: Supah

  1. Hannah says:

    14. Where did you get that sweatshirt?

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