Peruvian Perreo

DJ Peligro – Dame Duro (from Pa Tu Consumo 2010)

Lately I’ve been obsessing over perreo, which aside from crotch-to-ass dancing is well, reggaeton made specifically for crotch-to-ass dancing. Well, kind of. It’s modern form brings back the griminess of old Playero tapes, making it a lot more appealing to me than most of the slick production of today. It’s also found nestled in mixes of many tribal kids, tempos dropping 50 BPMs in the middle of a transition. Lima-based DJ Peligro drops several of his own perreo tracks in his latest effort Dame Duro, consisting of sliced-up reggaeton vocals and beaten-to-death dem bows. Notice the common bond found in many of these tracks, the Murder She Wrote riddim. No arguments here, though as bent as this specific track is I wouldn’t recommend it as any type of guidebook to what this sub-genre actually stands for, as your bound to run into a few walls.

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