Mix Series Vol 8: Dro Carey – Brutes 27. 8. 10

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Sydneyan producer and high school student Dro Carey sent this weird mix my way along with a photo of Errol Flynn’s coffin, and I’m still not sure what to make of it. His own words describe it best: electronic angst. Being a teenager sucks, and this brings back memories of my time as one. I’m gonna stop before I accidentally use words like syrupy, and this turns into a description of some frustrated white kid witch house junk. This is nice lazy summer listening, even if it’s winter down under.


J-Loc – Do You Wanna Chill (Screwed & Chopped by 2-Tone)
Jeff Mills – A1 Untitled (SITS002)
Andy Stott – Love Nothing
Hood & Mills – 88
Dro Carey – Secret Ions (5 Years Mix)
Beltway 8 – Weapons of Mass Destruction Intro
J Dilla – Sycamore (Dro Carey Live Techno Edit)
D’Kawa – Kurokin (DJ Deeon Mix 2)
Actress – Maze
Jodi Breeze – The Way I Move
Dro Carey – Candy Red
Anthony Shakir – Flyswatter
A-Dub – Sailed the Atlantic Feat. Trae
Droop-E – I Am
Dru Hill – Remain Silent
Bjork – An Echo, A Stain. [Crave] (Luke Chable remix)
DJ Cordell – Bjork Track
Theo Parrish – Falling Up
Lil B – It’s Alright (Remix)
Tyler, The Creator – VCR Chopped and Screwed by Mike G

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5 Responses to Mix Series Vol 8: Dro Carey – Brutes 27. 8. 10

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  2. ryan says:

    round 50 min oh mann!!!!!

  3. rickyfunkel says:

    pop dat shit

    so good

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  5. vvaughn says:

    awesome mix

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