XLR8R Footwork Article

You can read my feature article on footwork I did for XLR8R over at their blog now, or in the next print and PDF issue very soon. It’s pretty much the first “narrative” piece I’ve ever written, strung together by a time line of history dating back to the mid 80s. My favorite rant to date, and I’m very happy with the outcome.

There hasn’t been much music posted over here lately, and I apologize. Been swamped with other outlets and such.

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4 Responses to XLR8R Footwork Article

  1. SAMO SB says:

    biggest uups for this homie! great read

  2. boima says:

    Congrats man, nice to see you gettin’ some work for all the… work you been puttin’ in.

  3. aids-3d says:

    friend of mine just sent me your blog a few months ago, and then i was reading that article, liking it, thinking its well researched and then bam,. here i see its you., good work!

    • davequam says:

      Thanks, the article on you guys is nice too! So much Chicago related business up in that bitch it’s great.

      PS I think we went to the same school. Fuck SAIC I want my money back.

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