Logobi Mafya – ???? 2010

“The small group of regulars at the leisure of young Bernardière discovered the phenomenon on the Internet this summer: “The guys from Paris have put videos online, we began to like them,” says Camille, 15 the brains behind the band. “We already danced a bit in our corner, but then we could put a name to what we were doing.”

Julie Charrier-Jego, Tu Danses le Logobi? Presse Ocean November 2009

Originally this was going to be part of a new series called “I Have No Fucking Idea What This Track Is,” but luckily I was able to pin it to a name and a picture. That really didn’t help at all, for I still have no fucking idea what this track is. A big awesome blob of lobogi to have fun with.

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1 Response to Uhh…

  1. Jim says:

    not sure if i need to repeat the experience but that is one discombobulatory tune for sure..i’ll have a pint of whatever they’re drinking.

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