Gwaan Jerk

Kind of forgot about jerk…that wouldn’t have happened if it had more to do with evil spirits that like to kick dogs and count grains of sand, and less to do with pants and some dude named Doug.

“Ha! Film negative as albinism. This one has Dave Quam written all over it!”

Wayne Marshall

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One Response to Gwaan Jerk

  1. brian says:

    BLACK PLUS X (1966, 9 mins., b/w)
    “Tambellini here focuses on contemporary life in a black community. The extra, the “X” of Black Plus X, is a filmic device by which a black person is instantaneously turned white by the mere projection of the negative image. The time is summer, and the place is an oceanside amusement park where black children are playing in the surf and enjoying the rides, quite oblivious to Tambellini’s tongue-in-cheek ‘solution’ to the race problem.” (Grove Press Film Catalog)

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