You May Not Drive A Great Big Cadillac…

William DeVaughn – Be Thankful for What You Got (screwed and chopped)

This is a perfect song, one which I try to start the day with whenever possible. Now that Rojonekku pointed out the slow version, my mornings drag on even more, sometimes not even making out of the house until it’s dark outside. All is well, however, for it’s getting cold and as the song says, I may not have a car at all.

This is tagged as Curtis Mayfield, which a lot of people mistake it for, including Screw. It isn’t, and you should know that. For further listening:

One Blood disco reggae version

Sade’s live version

Love’s version

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One Response to You May Not Drive A Great Big Cadillac…

  1. Raven Mack says:

    yeah, it’s wrongly tagged on the screwtape I took it from. made sense to me. if I could have nothing but s&c soul music to torture my children with constantly, that would be a thing I would do.

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