Mix Series Vol 9: Munchi


Who the fuck is this dude? Where is he from? He’s from the Dominican Republic, and he has graced us with tracks from his homeland, as well as his own creations, proving once again that he’s someone to think about in this whole mess. So proud to present Mr Munchi into the mix, and most importantly all mambo this time around! EP coming soon.


El Sujeto – Son De Mi Coro
El Sujeto – El Menor
DJ Joel – Pero Que Granaso
DJ Sensual – La Popola
Moreno Negron – Pajaro Malo
El Sujeto – Rototen
Keudy De Los Santos – Quiero Cleren
Mambo Rebelde – Etamo Pa To
Munchi – Comenzo El Party
Munchi – Damu Mambo
Dekite – Quiero Una Chica Mala
DJ Jucafry – Las Mujeres Del Lincoln
Baja Panty – El Motor
Rimambo – Motoconcho
Manny Loco – Platano Con Salami
Omega – Alante Alante
DJ Jucafry – Se Vale To
Moreno Negron – Chicho Riso
Munchi – Que Maldito Disco
Fuego Mambo – La Paca
Galgo Mambo – El Viajero
Fuego Mambo – El Coño
Renegados – Viajante
La Cosecha – Mujere De La Kalle
Nucleare Mambo – La Desacata
3men2 Mambo – Mujere Mala

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5 Responses to Mix Series Vol 9: Munchi

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  2. thestayspun says:

    Munchi is amazing! Cheers for this

  3. koffi gnato says:

    Sweet one.
    i also have to say his track “pero que lo que mujer” that was in the heartbreak and munchi ep you priorly posted is a tight dancefloor killer.

  4. can u download this in mac? it’s not opening :(

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