On My Pillow

DJ C. Him – Lay It Down (Dat Body)

I’ve been to Jersey once–a Dunkin’ Doughnuts in Newark, hardly enough time to really get the gist of this scene, but I’ve gotten bitten by the Brick City club bug hard lately. I like how the Sing Sing break sort of hides itself in the cracks, not begging for attention like so much overdone Baltimore remix work. Maybe half the reason Chicago has gotten so much attention lately is due to the fact that it’s evolution is so apparent, and those that are still making the same stepped-on rhythms don’t get the shared attention from audiences that listen to dance music while they stare at the wall. I wonder if the future will show us a plethora of nerdy scribes penning repetitive overviews of the music coming out of Newark, Camden, and surrounding areas. After all it does get a bit DJ Nate at times.

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