Mix Series Vol 10: Traxman – It’s On


This man has been through it all. I’ve talked to this guy about Ron Hardy, Dance Mania, and Sun Ra for countless hours, and in many ways he has been somewhat of a mentor in terms of educating me on Chicago music history. Notorious for tracks like Gambino, Pacman Juke, and Get Down Lil Mama, he has made about 10,000 more throughout his 20+ year career, but he is first and foremost a DJ. He handed this over as the first mix for Free Bass, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start it off. Free EP number two is on it’s way just in time for the holiday season, and a slew of promo goodies are on the way. Watch your mother fucking back.

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6 Responses to Mix Series Vol 10: Traxman – It’s On

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  2. traxman says:


  3. karis says:


  4. Toon Animosity says:

    low key dem my shoes on top of da page

  5. Guest says:

    hey dave quam, if you have a second do you think you could share the name of the track about halfway through the mix, the one with the dramatic, oldtimey sound to it. although i’m probably missing something quite obvious, if you know what it samples i’d be curious to know that as well.
    thanks for your time

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