Parents, Where’s Your Child

I feel like a simple RIP to Sleezy should in the very least be complimented with some Coil love. I really don’t, and never really did fuck with much industrial music, but at the same time Throbbing Gristle and various offspring had as much influence on me as Sun Ra, The Congos, and RP Boo. Before I moved to Chicago, I was only at the beginning of my journey down the tunnel of house music, and I specifically remember my father asking me what the fuck was coming out of my headphones on the drive from the West Coast to the Midwest, which was in fact Musick to Play In the Dark. It all just sort of unraveled when I got to the city of house music’s origin, which were by no means my reason for moving here, but by all means I blame Coil for my initial interest in the subject. Black Antlers only makes sense on this blog, for it is a cover of one of the grimmest tracks to ever come out of Chicago, Bam Bam’s Where’s Your Child. In a perfect world, it’s what Witch House would actually sound like – a Halloween joint that I’d be terrified to hear if I was 15 in 1988 while I was sneaking into the Music Box.

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