Stream DJ Rashad’s New Album

Ghettophiles are releasing not one, but two DJ Rashad albums this month, and have let Fact magazine stream the album while you wait for it to come out (should be any day now). It’s probably my favorite album to come out of this year, and I was actually present for the creation of one of the tracks. Local rapper Add-2, fellow Battle Groundz DJs Spinn and Lucky, and one of the finest footworkers in Chicago, King AG appear on the album as well. Preview now, and be sure to support it and it’s sister nu-disco meets juke album Grace as well. It’s been an exciting year for a small group of Chicagoans this year no doubt.

Also, be sure to check out Wills Glasspiegel’s excellent two part footwork feature for NPR, a marvelously well researched article, including a great mini-documentary with scenes from DJ Spinn’s house, RP Boo under a viaduct, and a Saturday night Battle Groundz party I got really drunk at.

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