Turkish Bubbeling Anthem

DJ Hakki – Turk Shake

When you look at the immigrant population in the Netherlands, it’s only natural that bubbling is as all over the place as it is. The 60s and 70s saw a surge in migrants from Southern Europe, Morocco, and Turkey moving north to find work, about a decade before the Suriname and Antilles citizens made Amsterdam and Rotterdam their homes. Turkish bubbling (and reggaeton) is just one of the results of this intermingling between Caribbean and European cultures. It was originally brought to my attention through whom I assume is the top dog of this stuff, DJ Kantik, who’s tracks I’ve even heard on Turkish TV shows (I’ll find that link later). This DJ Hakki (sometimes Hakki Takki) track has some of the most outrageously quirky synths, a common element to this genre, and also has a melody that is somewhat similar to Ruff Ryders Anthem. The above is an old flier for one of Hakki’s shows, and is a pretty accurate visual of what to expect.

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3 Responses to Turkish Bubbeling Anthem

  1. dugg says:

    wow- you have a lot of fascinating rhythms here… a few new worlds for these ears. i like the format too- just enough info to situate the situation and make one want to listen!
    great work!

  2. Isaac says:

    <3 dj hakki. his alarm bubbling track goes so hard

  3. Isaac says:

    though in terms of the cheese factor Dj Xcyliance is by far my favorite

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