Foster Manganyi

Foster Manganyi – Fambani

The 2nd in the series of Shangaan Electro recordings to come out on Honest Jon’s is now avaliable, and as a teaser they have allowed me to put up one of my favorite tracks from the release to download. What the label has to say about it:

“Foster Manganyi is a pastor from Giyani, in Limpopo, South Africa. His sublime music shares with the Honest Jon’s compilation Shangaan Electro a startling palette of sampled, synthesized sounds – the signature whistle and marimba, no bass, a little wonky high-life and rough, fast skittering drum patterns. Yet these are gospel songs, intensely sincere, brimming with aching, plaintive, mournful spirituality, without a trace of R&B, mangled or not; and however fractured, multi-faceted and fresh the music comes across, the surging lines and harmonies of the support singers are unmistakably rooted in the traditional vocal music of South Africa. Just in time for Christmas, this is the reissue of a hit cassette from 2008.”

-Honest Jon’s

Buy it here, and check out the video for the release here.

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3 Responses to Foster Manganyi

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  2. ivn says:

    YES! im getting this in the mail tomoro

  3. Magaza aka Dumisani says:

    I am in love with this Music…Yanani mahlweni mi hi tsakisa tatana Manganyi

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