Prog Juke

There are a lot of different kinds of footwork tracks, which is probably one of the main reasons why it’s become successful outside of the circle of regulars who put on their “fuck you” feet every Sunday. My good buddy DJ Tmo isn’t the first one to make something of this caliber better suited for glow sticks and raves than blunts and dance studios, but this is pretty goddamn trancey, and as he tells me, not so favorable with the footworkers. He even labels it prog juke, sort of a cocky way of saying he’s onto something here. I’ve seen plenty of DJs play footwork tracks out of context to crowds that have no idea what to do with themselves, but this one might work really if your playing to a room full of people trapped in K-Holes.

Photo credit: Gulu Taj Saiyed

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3 Responses to Prog Juke

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  2. Isaac says:

    i can hear this with some freiland klaviermusik. have you heard that record?

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