Godfather of Raptor House

Jose Am – Silasnena (DJ Baba Raptor House Remix)

DJ Baba is the originator of this crazy Venezuelan rave music, and while I’m not entirely sure when it came to be, sources seem to be pointing to the early 2000s. I imagine these parties are nothing but mayhem, that rhythm makes me wanna stab someone. This track I’ve posted is a little more funky and tame than the above video, but it still hits hard.

I see this Changa stuff popping up alongside raptor house tracks as well, but I still have no clue what it really is. Nothing I have really bangs like the above though, or is it just the accordions that I like? Any of my South American readers want to chime in?

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3 Responses to Godfather of Raptor House

  1. Isaac Linder says:

    Holy Shit; this first video!

  2. FluxTrax says:

    2:50 min in the 1st vid. Trinidad is the neighbour to Venezuela mind you! Time to wuk it up!

  3. tones says:

    jamie showed me this and it leveled me, just flat


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