DJ Tre End of the Year Footwork Mix

One of the best mixes I’ve heard this year. Tre was one of the first guys I met in this business–an underdog by all means. Lot’s of known favorites as well as material from the most known unknown himself.

And don’t sleep on the new Traxman joints ether! Gummo tracks anyone?

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6 Responses to DJ Tre End of the Year Footwork Mix

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  2. Isaac Linder says:

    yesssss. do you know of any good doumbec footwork off the top of your head- or if anyone is making tracks with that drum in particular?

  3. Isaac Linder says:

    okay, sorry I have been commenting a lot, somewhat inanely, but on that raptor house tip, I needed to send you this. 1:08-1:39 WTF.

    • davequam says:

      Nice! I have a bunch of stuff from these guys, lot of crazy Peruvian DJs right now.

      Dunno any footwork tracks with drums like that off the top of my head, but please comment as much as possible I like it when people do!

  4. davequam says:

    I got some of their stuff too yea…I haven’t even made a dent in it all yet, kind of slowly going through it

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