This Old House: Brothers and Sisters on 13th Street

Slick Master Rick – Brothers & Sisters On 13th Street (from VA – Acid II Sound of the Underground 1988)

Also known as Halloween House, even out of season this is a classic that I’ve been jamming lately. One of the anthems of The Factory nightclub back in the day, and if you want to be Traxman’s best friend, this track is a must. Houz Mon’s debut in 1988, back then known as Slick Master Rick. Not an easy one to find, and as far as I known only released on a white label and a rare Underground Records compilation.

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4 Responses to This Old House: Brothers and Sisters on 13th Street

  1. Pete says:

    great tune!! looks like it got pressed on vinyl but it goes for a pretty hefty sum:
    last copy sold for $126.82 :O

  2. marcus says:

    its on a couple of comps which are fairly easy to get hold of in discogs at decent prices, the 12″ is pricey though but all the tracks are on those comps – my melody by fast eddie is sick too.

  3. houzmon says:

    Hello this is Slick Master Rick aka Houz’Mon this trax help lay the foundation of Ghetto Houz Muzik. Wanna thank ever one and my true fans who kept my music alive after all these years but the best yet to come! Follow me on myspace and facebook for more detail on new release coming out on my label Orchid records…. and soon my web site! To buy all my old classic plus just team up wit cd baby so now every one can down load on itune next month. Thank you all remember there wouldn’t be a HouzMon wit out ya support my music.

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