Mix Series Vol 12: DJ Slow


Belgium’s DJ Slow has been at it for a minute, probably most famous on the interwebs for his Fast Times at Duval High mix last year. This year he will be most famous for starting his own label Pelican Fly, who’s first EP, Richelle’s Mascotte will be out on March 21st. For us he cooked up a real creeper of a mix, one that starts off sleek, but slowly unravels the dirt. Not just bloated and flighty, because we some mammals and shit.


We Some Mammals Intro

Grown Folk – Steady Movin (LOL Boys VIP Re-Edit)

Spinna Boyz – Phase Verb

Mr Tweeks – Brownies

Infinite Boys – 1988  87 Drum

Richelle – Bendin’ (Jay Weed Remix)

NKC – Marie

Mr Tweeks – Money (DEMO)

Brey – Hannah Montagne de la Cocaine (Instrumental)

Crystal Fighters – At Home (Berou & Canblaster Remix)

Richelle – Bendin’

Marcus Price – Bubblegum (Sam Tiba Remix)

Max Le Daron & Dj Javier Estrada – Belgica y Mexico Unidos


Salva – Icey

Clicks & Whistles – Cranberry Goose (DEMO)

D.O.K. – Blu Cheese

Richelle – Mascotte

Canblaster – 3rd Ring (Dj Slow’s 25 Rings Edit)

DJ DMD featuring Lil’ Keke & Fat Pat – 25 Lighters

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