Music From Saharan Laptops

Iba One – Alhamdoulilaye

If your not keeping up with the excellent Sahel Sounds blog, you should be ashamed.  The Music from Saharan Cellphones cassettes are some of the most awesome tapes from Africa I have ever heard, and Chris kindly shares his trades with his corespondents on the regular. His latest treat is not technically from the Sahara, but the mp3 is. A Malian rapper spits over an almost straight up juke beat. Those claps belong in Chicago, ‘the hell is he doing with them out there? Whatever, I may not be able to understand what he’s saying, but I approve.

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6 Responses to Music From Saharan Laptops

  1. Boima says:

    They didn’t fix the track name up on Sahel Sounds. It’s actually called Alhamdoulilaye, and he’s saying thanks god!

  2. christopher says:

    big ups! and updating the track name now…

  3. andykisaragi says:

    this is fucking amazing. bigups for the Sahel Sounds connection too

  4. Dan says:

    Incredible! Does anyone else hear “All of the Lights”?

  5. miles says:

    iba one is massive!

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