Django Djuke

Boylan – Django

If your at all into western flicks, then Sergio Corbucci’s film Django is already in your collection. I mean, it’s about a guy who hauls around a coffin like a ball and chain with a fucking Gatling gun in it, what more could you ask for? Not only that, but its got a great soundtrack to go with it. Boylan, Thornwood High science teacher by day, button pusher by night, is a fan of this masterpiece as well, and programmed an homage to the broke man’s Man With No Name for the footworkers. I know everyone in the club hates guitars these days, but I find this one blends with DJ Spinn’s psychwork banger Pink Rollz almost perfectly. Free your mind, and your feet will follow.

P.S., Boylan’s Mystery EP will be out on Ghettophiles very soon.

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