This Old Jit

Sole Tech – Jit The Anthem (75 South) (from Jit The Anthem 1995)

I would never claim to know much about jit, ghettotech, or hell even techno, but hey, I’ve never been to Detroit. Not to say I’ve ever set foot in the Netherlands, Belize, Colombia, or Jamaica ether, so maybe you can just disregard anything I’ve said here. Or you can take into effect that the Motor City and the Windy City just kind of hate each other. Mention the word techno to many homegrown Chicagoans (who aren’t DJs) and you will get a nasty looking face in return. Mention footwork to a Detroiter and they will claim they invented it. Just look at the comment section for my Resident Advisor piece. It’s obvious who I side with, but records from Detroit pop up all the time that peak my interests.

The title track from this old Soul Tech record is definitely an interesting look back at 1995, but the 75 South instrumental on the B-side is what sold me. I almost expected some rave breaks to pop up over the hypnotic flute synths, but aside from the drums that drop halfway in, it’s pretty damn minimal.


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4 Responses to This Old Jit

  1. LiLJaBBA says:

    i wish they dropped the “let them fellas jit” line a few times, but i dig it more than the haedlining track.

  2. Winnie says:

    This site rules so hard

  3. BSG says:

    Hey there- Do you know if it was not for Detroit, Chicago ghetto house in the late 90tys & early 2000 would of faded out? Detroit djs on the radio and in the streets ALWAYS gave mad love to all the Chicago Djs and House & Ghetto producers played it all the time clubs,radio mix shows mix cds. Even the Databass & Juke Trax, Crew – Dj Godfather / Gillespie / Dj Dick fully supported and kept the Chicago ghetto scene going in Detroit & across the world. Re-releasing all the ghetto house classics to a whole new generation when Dance Mania went under. And kept pushing all the new Juke & Foot works anthems producers.

    • davequam says:

      hey, that’s a good point to bring up. The Databass/Juke Trax label was obviously a enormously important label for Chicago artists. I’m not a Detroit hater by any means, and I know a lot of you guys up there aren’t hating on Chicago ether! That said, people still talk shit.

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