An Interview with Deschuurman

Along with his cousins Shaun-D and Master-D, Deschuurman was one of the first DJs that I heard making what I jokingly called Future Bubbling. It wasn’t old school chipmunk battle tracks, and it wasn’t quite Dutch House. It was a fresh sound that put the Caribbean drums that I loved over eager Fruity Loops synths, sounding like and update of what DJ Chuckie used to make. Deschuurman took the time to talk to me about this sound, simply called Bubbling House, as well as clear up some of my own confusion about the current state of dance music in The Netherlands.

Me: Who are you, and what is your role in dance music in the Netherlands?

Deschuurman: My name is Guillermo Schuurman (it’s a Spanish name), I was born and raised in The Hague and I’m 19 years old right now. The type of music that people know me for is bubbling, all over Holland. I think I’m kinda an underdog but still all the people know who I am. I don’t have a role, it’s just, it’s a hype type sound, and next to house music I think it’s never gonna leave.

M: How did you get you get your start DJing?

D: I was already making music on my own, but all of my cousins where DJing. I always told myself that I was a DJ, but they told me “no…you’re not a DJ you’re a producer, so I kinda wanted to finish the job. That’s when I seriously started.

M: For those that don’t know, who are your cousins?

D: Haha, I have a very big family in this bubbling, house industry. Well:
DJ Daycard, DJ Shaun-D (a cousin of his was married to a family member of mine), DJ Master-D, Stiko Jnr, and DJ Justme. And DJ Chippie (the founder of bubbling music, together with DJ Moortje) is the father of Justme, so he’s my uncle.

M: You were basically born into bubbling then really. How does bubbling fit into the culture of the Netherlands?

D: Well…DUTCH people aren’t that familiar with this genre. They dance to it though, but that doesn’t make the party. I think it’s the erotic way Surinamese, Latin, and Antillean people dance it: A guy, grinding a girl from the back or the front on the beat. It made the party scene here for black and Latin people. Bubbling is a must have for every DJ.

M: When I ask a lot of people from Holland about Bubbling these days, they kind of laugh at me and claim it’s been dead for years, why is that?

D:  Because in the olden days, the artists where all about the party. Now it’s all about the money and house music is taking over. A bubbling DJ will never make the kinda money a house DJ will, and it’s seen as a music style for kids around 14 or 16 years old now. House music is more mature and bubbling is not. In the olden days EVERYBODY was listening to bubbling. It’s different now.

M: So what are the bubbling parties like these days that you play, as opposed to parties when bubbling was more popular?

D: Well..all over Holland there are different bubbling parties, but they play urban music, number 1 radio hip-hop, and r&b music. The only bubbling track that you will hear is Party Crasher from (DJ) Chuckie (he bought that beat from my cousin Stiko Jnr).  And the old school bubbling riddims? Yeah a little bit but only the familiar ones.

M: Which riddims do you still hear?

D: Bam Bam and the Fever Pitch riddims. That song of DJ Chippie also, “In de Zomer Zie Je Ze” (you see them in the summer). Those are actually the only ones.

M: When did house music take over the parties in Holland, and what were the big tracks that made it happen?

D: Umm…I think it was 2007 or 2008, when Vato Gonzales started to show up with a different type of sound. It wasn’t house…we were calling it Dirty House,
and in those days you had these big parties in Holland called “Nope is Dope”.
It was so different too…uplifting, and FOR EVERYONE. Black people and white people could listen to it together, because in the remixes they mixed hip-hop tracks and Jamaican sounds. The track that made it happen was I think Vato Gonzales – Badman Riddim, one of the biggest ones! I think that is the biggest Dirty House tune that really took over the music scene.

M: Now what DJs like you, Daycard, Shaun-D, and Master-D do is a meeting of house and bubbling, where you still have the bubbling drums but the synths of Dutch House. Does this work well together because it has rhythms that people from Surinam and the Antilles are familiar with, but at the same time the uplifting qualities of house?

D: Yes! I think this is the most successful type of sound out here,
because like I said, bubbling will never “completely” disappear. So by combining these different genres, it’s  a take over. The newest hits are all bubbling house tracks, especially those with Baile Funk acapellas from Brazil to get that tropical sound. I think that’s the new type of sound, it’s only a matter of time.

M: With the Netherlands having such huge mix of immigrant cultures from all over the world it makes sense that it would work that way. Where do you see local music going in the future?

D: I think it’s always gonna be a world where music is chosen by people who own the TV stations, but we will always try to take that and combine it with something else, like with bubbling house. Maybe bubbling house will have a chance, but who knows?

M: Have you had many people contact with you with interest in your music through the internet? Who from elsewhere would you like to work with?

D: Nah, I guess you’re the only one who is interested in my bubbling stuff, but my rap beats are out of this world #NotHuman. I already had some contact with English rap groups on my Soundcloud page, but with bubbling and house, nobody. In rap, I really want to work with somebody from Young Money. It seems unlikely but is think it’s possible. I think they can do something with house! In the house scene or bubbling house scene I think that Black Eyed Peas are a good candidate for me .

M: Well Lil Wayne’s favorite place in the world is Amsterdam, so you might have a chance.

DM: Haha yeah that’s right. Let’s hope that I will get that one chance!

M: Who are some artists out of the Netherlands that those of us in other countries should keep an eye out for that we might not know?

DM: Marciano Mauritio, he’s a beginner, a family member of mine too haha. He saw how me and Daycard were doing it, and he wanted in too.

M: Is there anything else you would like to add?

D: If anyone would like to contact me for any info, just email me at If you wanna hear house, bubbling or rap beats (on a high level), visit and maybe we can do business. Wrekonize Agency!

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