Boylan Mystery EP

Thornwood High School staff member Boylan’s Mystery EP is out on Ghettophiles today, which has been on heavy rotation lately and is definitely one of my favorite releases of 2011. I’ve always been keen on his ear for samples, whether they be Spaghetti Western guitars or classic Crucial Conflict grabs, and his knack for creating lofty sci-fi situations within the framework of a footwork track is only getting stronger. While he might be viewed as an outsider to the genre, his position is unique. Not only does he teach Chemistry at the same institution many of the founding fathers of this music schooled at, but he’s secretly been making tracks in his little closet studio for years. Well, secretly if you missed his releases on Juke Trax the first time around that is. As a little treat, Boylan is allowing me to put up EOG, an oldie but goodie from those days, another one that channels Ennio Morricone and the Man With No Name to the circle.

Boylan – EOG

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