Spring Cleaning/The Best of It’s After the End of the World


Damn, remember when this site was yellow?! To save Dropbox space, I’m going to be deleting a lot of old mp3s from this site soon, so I can make room for more. Then again, nobody really seems to be reading blogs anymore since our attention spans only work for 140 characters these days, so what’s the point? Being an A&R without getting paid sucks anyways. However, I enjoy writing the most when it’s short mini-rants about tracks I find, so I’ll probably continue doing it. No magazine in their right mind would let me even pitch articles about most of the stuff on here, so I guess this weird shit needs some kind of outlet. I put together a little folder of some of my favorite moments of this blog, more of a weirdest of than a best of I guess. Maybe you missed some the first time around.


Fat Pat & Lil Keke – Talking Through and Echo Machine

Pierre Henry – Exorcisme

DJ Milton – Dop the “P”

DJ Trivi – Prrum!!Extraterestre

Reflex Productions – Bubbling Battle Loop

Bling N Sopa – Wafeduja

DJ Searcy – Waste

De Schuuman – Nu Ga Je Danse

Zaza Twins – Instru Logobi Maladeee!!!

Normal Nada – Excel Funa (Funana de Boca)

Chombo Punta – Cadereando (DJ Bryan Remix)

Arpebu – Steam Midity

Pappawheelie vs Beastie Boys – Paul Revealed

Suriname Aleke Band – Track 03

Los Decadas – Polvo y El Viento

Backyard Band – Keep it Throro

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8 Responses to Spring Cleaning/The Best of It’s After the End of the World

  1. andrew says:

    bring back the yellow!

  2. karis says:

    already have these 8) (long time reader) def pass this on tho homey BRrrraAATTT

  3. Chat says:

    Please keep writing this blog ! I’ve only discovered it a few months ago and I’m really enjoying it so far. Keep up the good work !

  4. Miles says:

    smokin under da palm tree!

  5. Limalu says:

    Please keep blogging Quam!

  6. Clayton says:

    DON’T STOP. GIT IT. GIT IT. This blog is dope and I’m new, thanks for this re-post and keep them coming.

  7. Thanks for the tunes! Only recently found your blog, but it’s super fierce, please keep going…

  8. kwaw says:

    where did the backyard band track come from? who is on that?

    thx for the musics as ever!

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