Shake Them Hands

Negation Marha – Afri-k-dream (instrumental)

It’s cool hearing Logobi getting a little more play lately, which I think can partly be blamed on Murlo for his excellent edit of C Ki Papa, that unhinged battle track on Logobi GT’s album from last year. It made things a little more comprehensible to those of us that don’t know how to do weird hand dances to that seven-hit snare pattern I guess. This craze might be catching on with people over 17 too, and oh shit! Nobody’s even wearing skinny jeans in that video! The above track was made by Negation Marha aka NGT-4 Productions, who’s probably my favorite producer in this scene (and that logo is pretty dope right?). A lot of my collection of this stuff is unfinished sounding Fruity Loops doodles that are beyond blown out from shit-fi bit rates, so it’s always refreshing to find things as fully realized as this one. It’s even dare I say, pretty.

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3 Responses to Shake Them Hands

  1. Max says:

    aw shit this is awesome

  2. Limalu says:


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