DJ Pauzado – Tarraxo Viibe

Tarracho, or Tarracha, or Tarraxo, or Tarraxa is the type of sound I look for when I’m digging through all the slower Lusophone/Francophone Afropop genres, but usually fail to find. Don’t get me wrong, a good Zouk song can really hit the spot, but I’m a lot more interested in defected, screwed Kuduro than I am sappy love songs in languages I don’t speak. It has essentially the same rhythm as it’s mother Tarraxinha: a thumping beat derived from Semba that’s reserved for intensely intimate dancing, but Tarracho usually hits harder. Obviously the o/a determines masculine/feminine qualities, which kind of (but not always) make the split between the dark side, and the lovey dovey side. While this stuff is supposed to be sexy by default, some of the tracks that young Kuduro producers are churning out are so goddamn bent that they are just plain creepy. There’s definitely a gap between actual songs and weird Fruity Loops beats in this realm, and as you can guess I’m more prone to put on the later…especially if the studios kinda cloudy.

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