The Devil’s Music

Bass Connection – Bass Outa Hell (from Driven Bass 1993)

This makes me wish I had a drivers license and a whip with a banging system. Serious creeper shit on the techno side of Miami car bass. Been digging through this world a lot lately, so if you need a passenger side DJ I’m your man.

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5 Responses to The Devil’s Music

  1. Rajah says:

    Soon as I get some decent speakers in my hooptie I’ll hit you up to supply the shotgun tunes for a cruise through the chi.

  2. Birdseed says:

    I can really recommend russian (!) blog Drop Da Bass in this regard, especially since they don’t ignore later “Car Audio” bass like this which is often just as interesting musically.

  3. shahmel says:

    So people do believe that there is such things as devils music?
    Hmm rewinding of a record will uncover hidden messages? What do you think about that?

  4. SAMO says:

    love this stuff

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