Halloween House #1: Tyree ft Chic – I Fear the Night

I just happened to be digging through my House collection the other day when I realized it was October, and my favorite holiday was right around the corner. I wasn’t reminded by falling leaves or heathen decorations, but rather by the sheer volume of old Chicago tracks I possess that are almost tailor-made for DJing Halloween parties. I figured I’d share a handful of them for the remainder of the month while I put together my own playlists for the parties I may or may not be spinning this year.

Tyree has a plethora of tracks for making everyone feel like a slut in a haunted house, I mean hell, Acid Crash basically has a built in strobe light and fog machine, but this one sounds like the theme song to some really sexy slasher flick that was never made. If there was a video for this, Chic would be flying down Lake Shore Drive on a broomstick. This is what witch house sounded like before art school, Oxycotton, and logograms got popular. I’m Definitely playing this one out on Halloween.


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1 Response to Halloween House #1: Tyree ft Chic – I Fear the Night

  1. paul j. says:

    Whoa… great track

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