It’s After the End of the World, Sun Ra’s 1970 live in Berlin album which shares the name of this website meant a lot to me when I first heard it at age 16. The first time I brought that record home and threw it on the turntable I feared the results, for I knew then that I had to unlearn everything I knew about sound. June Tyson screaming Don’t you know that yet?! at me like I was supposed to answer, a scary path into outer realms at such a young age. My confusion translated into obsession, and I’ve since been in love with interplanetary music. Even after countless professors name dropped the man for the sake of art, that title stuck in my head as something that I should always remember. Like it was the right attitude to have about music rather than thinking it was the end of golden eras.

My name is Dave, I am a Chicago-based writer, photographer, and DJ. My work has appeared in XLR8R, The Wire, DJ Magazine, and Shook to name a few. I started this blog sometime in 2008 to share and discuss music in hopes to connect with like-minded people. Dance Mania next to music concret, that sort of thing.

This blog is strictly things I am listening to, and I am not getting any money doing this. So sending me your music that is irrelevant to the content with intentions of free promotion will be ignored, for there are other sites with much bigger readerships that would help you better than I could. I try to share only music that is out of print, hard to find, or provided for free by artists and labels, and if you find something on my site of yours that shouldn’t be here, please feel free to email me and I will take it down immediately.

Photo Credit Khallee Standberry

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  1. DJoliba says:

    A great web site you have here that i’ve just discovered ! Will bookmark it on my own…
    Check my world mixes :


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