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Jacuzzi On The Roof

Gucci Mane – Long Money 2010 Gucci Mane – Normal 2010 Gucci is back, and I’ve actually been listening to hip-hop again. Both of these beats are perfect, Long Money is Scarface the movie directed by Jodorowsky with forest flutes, … Continue reading

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Nobody Likes A Quitter

Esclav – Go Ghetta 2010 While musically it’s a totally different world than Go Go, the way bouyon bands emulate hip-hop isn’t far off. The live synths and drum machines speaking the language of a cooped up producer dragged from … Continue reading

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My Dance Moves Science Fiction

Fabo – Gik Tales Mixtape 2010 I don’t know if it makes up for his long absence, but it’s pretty damned nice.

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Acres of Jamaica in Decatur

Kollosus ft Milla – Want No More (from Kollosal Activity 2009) Rap music from Atlanta via Jamaica. Both Kollosus and Milla hail from the Caribbean but grew up in Decatur so their accents sound southern with a Kingston twang. I … Continue reading

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Stanky Decale

If your like me and have been enjoying Boima’s African By The Bay EP, you will dig this too. Nays is the truth, and he fucks with pretty much every major form of African dance music from Zouk to Funana. … Continue reading

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I Call It Lemon-Red

This video matches this blog, and Gucci pays $5000 for a cup of juice.

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Clean Like Dish Detergent

DJ Pillsbury – Swag Surfin (Juke Remix) 2009 So aggressive it’s pretty much a Footwork remix. Just barely daytime radio-friendly, though I’ve heard DJ Nehphis play it before.

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The Cold War Series

Gucci Mane – Guccimerica 2009Gucci Mane – Brrrussia 2009Gucci Mane – Great Brrritain 2009 Three part concept mixtape series all released in one day. Impressive dude.

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That’s a Terrible Sickness

Gucci Mane – Bird Flu (Salem Remix) 2009 Screwed and chopped goth music, and in this case Gucci is the goth kid. Salem are behind the wheels, and even have a DJ drop in the track. They fucked with that … Continue reading

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"I’m Sad, Man"

Killer Mike’s new column over at XXL A History of Violence gives a little insight to why Chicago didn’t get the Olympics today. I for one am happy, as many others are here on the South Side. Mike should write … Continue reading

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