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I am so happy that my first non-footwork article got to be a profile on two of my favorite artists of 2020: visual house pioneers NGUZUNGUZU. You can read it online via Issuu or PDF from the Nov/Dec issue of … Continue reading

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Quack House

NGUZUNGUZU – Icee Hot Promo Mix 2010 (Soundcloud) Probably the most blissful mix from these weirdos yet, prepared for their headlining one of the monthlies at the top of my “to go” list. Their Truants mix only came out a … Continue reading

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Welcome to Swagtard Hell

Based God Metal t-shirt. Here. Any fashion post will be done a la Kayne. Hah.

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I Was In The Hood While You Were Shopping At Whole Foods

A snippet from Lil B’s 6 Kiss mixtape (which has a creepy Trevor Brown-looking cover). Lil B raps over a really high pitched sine wave that sounds like something Fennesz made. I don’t know how “enjoyable” it really is, but … Continue reading

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Based Juke

Lil B – So Much PussyLil B – Drop That AzzLil B – Like MeLil B – Yea Via Cocaine Blunts B dives deeper into Chicago territory with four more outsider Footwork tracks normally only found on Youtube. Most of … Continue reading

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Swagger Like a White Boy

GM Boyz – Jerkin & Twerkin 2009 This is my shit right here. West Coast party Rap in skinny jeans. I guess it already is West Coast party music, but you know what I mean. I swear this won’t become … Continue reading

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Lil B – Alright Daddy 2009 With plenty of Lil B talk going on I never saw this track talked about, a good thing for me because it fits perfectly on this website. There was a little Based God party … Continue reading

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My Panamanian Saha from South San Francisco on Some Marijuana Farm Down in San Luis Obisbo


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Making a Young Mess

Messy Marv – Ask Yourself (from Prices on My Head, Thug Money on your Family vol 2 2009) Some awesome Welsh dude took the time to create an archive of important events throughout history in which Messy Marv was present. … Continue reading

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Like the Sea, BASED

There are very few rappers I support that wear girl pants, but I find myself pretty perplexed by Lil B and his weird internet shenanigans. His 150+ Myspace pages with music about being both God and the Devil, and a … Continue reading

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