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I Was Patient……………… B/W Lunch with Arpebu

First time I heard this, in fact the only time I had heard this track in its entirety before about an hour ago, was after eating grilled cheese and drinking coffee at one of RP’s favorite diners on 39th and … Continue reading

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10 Years Ago…or 25, or 40?

Along with Sun Ra, Kraut Rock, and club music, Screw Tapes were a seminal discovery for me in high school that made me the person/listener that I am today. When your bored with everything around you, a simple pitch-shift just … Continue reading

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Crown Heights Affair "Galaxy of Love"

Here’s a song for all you eager disco explorers. My newest vehicle for transport is by the late seventies hit by the Crown Heights Affair, “Galaxy of Love”. The song opens different than the typical disco song. It sets us … Continue reading

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Mix Series Vol 4: DJ Jean Shorts – It’s In Your Blood

DOWNLOAD Halloween was crazy. I’m still recovering in fact. Lots of Disco, not lots of space on the dance floor. Said party was put together by my good buddy Ben Marcus, aka DJ Jean Shorts. He’s known for providing patrons … Continue reading

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Throw Out the Red Carpet , Ima Bout to Park it

S.O.S. Band – Don’t Stop the Music Screwed and Chopped (from DJ Screw – On A Pint 1995) The skeleton of what is to me THE Houston song, Fat Pat’s Tops Drop presented the way it was originally intended to … Continue reading

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Studio 54 Ounces

Anita Ward – Ring My Bell (from DJ Screw – On a Pint 1995) 10 minutes of chopped up and not slopped up drug Disco.

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No it Doesn’t

Harari – Party (LeBaron Edit) (from the internet orig 1980) There is this dumpster by my house that reads “Disco Sucks” next to “Joan Jett and the Blackhearts” both written with a paint pen. Fuck that noise, along all those … Continue reading

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Someone is Friendless

New York Community Choir – I’ll Keep a Light in My Window (from Soul Gospel vol 2 rec 1978) A gospel group from Harlem probably not down with doing blow off silver spoons and riding white horses through Studio 54, … Continue reading

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Tape Loops and Coke Spoons

Pierre Henry – Exorcisme (from Machine Danse 1973) When a Music Concret monster failed to get past the bouncers at Studio 54 for looking like a square, feelings were hurt. “Do you know who the fuck I am?!!!” didn’t work … Continue reading

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Fromage is an Indian

Don Armando Band – I’m an Indian too (Fromage Disco Edit) (from Fromage Disco Edits vol 3 2008) The Australian edit crew revamp the classic very offensive Ethel Merman mutant disco track.

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