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Django Djuke

Boylan – Django If your at all into western flicks, then Sergio Corbucci’s film Django is already in your collection. I mean, it’s about a guy who hauls around a coffin like a ball and chain with a fucking Gatling … Continue reading

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Dolamite Does Deals with the Devil

Nat Dove and the Devils – Ghetto St U.S.A. (from Petey Wheatstraw OST 1977) Some ghetto funk from the evilest flick in the Dolamite series. Record players get smashed, an entire church gets gunned down (twice), and Rudy Ray Moore … Continue reading

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The Silver Tongued Devil and Earl

What I would do to hear a hip hop cover of “The Pilgrim – Chapter 33”

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Welcome Back Cooper

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Overlooked Western Part 2

Ennio Morricone – Il Grande Silenzio Theme (from “The Grand Silence OST”) Unfortunately, Kinski doesn’t get a match struck on him like in “A Few Dollars More”. I Could watch that scene over and over and still almost piss myself. … Continue reading

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"Who I know and What I Know is No Concern of Yours"

Django Theme Song

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